Up until now I was using ZEVO on my main machine and backup machine. I even wrote a complete TimeMachine like backup system for ZFS just because I needed it ( http://github.com/jollyjinx ). I heavily rely on my data being correct, the main reason to go with ZFS and ZEVO.

But as a developer I need to work at least on the current version of the OS.

Communication from GreenBytes has been almost non existent:

  • Last update to ZEVO: More than a year ago.
  • Last board announcement regarding new versions: More than a year ago.
  • Beta versions available for Mavericks: NONE
  • Support for Mavericks announced on twitter a few weeks ago. I have not seen even a beta version given that Mavericks beta versions were available since June, not to mention that is out already.

This is clearly a way on loosing potential customers (I purchased ZEVO). I’m done with GreenBytes and will not recommend any of its products in the future.

ZEVO had the potential - I hope that OpenZFS succeeds as HFS+ is just intolerable in regards to data integrity.

P.S.: I’ll switch to 10.9, I will keep my backups on a freebsd machine (on ZFS) to be sure that data does not corrupt after backing up, but on my main machine I will switch to HFS+ again.

A way to ensure consistent data for me is to have my important data being checked by git.

Update: It looks as if the CEO of GreenBytes has resigned and a couple of people left the company: The Register: Greenbytes chairman and CEO resigns